Technology from Epic Games that allow for realistic hair texture. It will Be fascinating to find out where the company goes from here. In the tech demo for the game, viewers got to see a glimpse of the Create visual effects and excellent high gameplay, like the strand Tencent revealed this new game is being developed at Quantum Studios & the company’s Lightspeed. SYN is designed to be an open-world first-person shooter game that will be coming to both PC and consoles, but the consoles it will be released on were not mentioned during the seminar. Tencent Games revealed a demo trailer that showed more elements of the game off, and the tech demo displayed impressively realistic looking characters and configurations. In contrast, the attributes shown are not guaranteed to be the same in the final product.

Connect, and the company may continue to construct unique programmers to With brand new statements and brand new acquisitions by Tencent Games, The Tencent Tencent Games hosted its yearly convention on June 27. During the seminar, the company announced a new game in a cyberpunk style. While the game’s official name has not been revealed, the project is called”SYN.” Character customization screen.

Players can customize their character’s hair design, a general color scheme, makeup, and body type. The hair achieves an incredibly realistic effect thanks to technologies utilized in part with Epic Games. The tech demo also shows animal pets off the participant can customize the colors. Players can customize vehicles as they are still rendering in the game as well as the animals. There was no actual gameplay When these attributes add to the visuals that the demo exhibited. Since the game approaches the release date, which is set for some time during 2021, fans will need to wait to see more.

The conglomerate has its hands in many gambling growth companies, including Riot Games, Epic Games, and Grinding Gear Games, which developed the game Course of Exile. While Tencent hasn’t made many games out of its holdings, it hosts popular multiplayer online games and is made.