Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions might be about to begin work on a new PS5 match, indicates a job listing. While Ghost of Tsushima is out next month, with a new Ghost of Tsushima trailer warning that a storm is coming, but it seems that the development team is thinking well beyond this game’s release date.

Career website, several job listings have sparked speculation that the developer is currently gearing up to work on a big new PS5 project. There are four listings in the Bellevue, WA, offices, each in various disciplines.

Potential that Sucker Punch Productions doesn’t have an idea for its following With few positions About the Sucker Punch Productions The listing for a producer has become the most revealing, as it asks for experience in”managing a team through a minimum of a full cycle of video game development.

Since Ghost of Tsushima has only gone gold, no new manufacturer would be necessary to direct a match from beginning to finish, since this job listing asks for.

The manufacturer listing doesn’t advise what Sucker Punch Productions’ next match may look like. Since the hired manufacturer will likely be tasked with”identifying and managing high-risk regions of production,”\ the staff seems to be doing what it can to make sure that development goes smoothly.

It’s also Another job listings, for mature lighting artist, gameplay Developer camera and camera designer are just as opaque.

On the other hand, the camera designer will help take the player in an immersive, stimulating experience and partner with assignment designers to make sure scripted cameras support unforgettable moments.

At Ghost of Tsushima, the photo mode and Samurai Cinema camera features seem to elevate the match into something cinematic and artistic, and this suggests that Sucker Punch Productions will also be thinking about how to do this on its next job.

The development group may Well wish to rest after it releases Ghost of Tsushima patches and bug fixes and may not be prepared to start creating another game for some time.

It seems unlikely that this sport has entered production, and Sucker Punch Productions may be figuring out things. All those lovers understand is that Sucker Punch Productions is known for its open-world games, and Ghost of Tsushima is the most massive game the team has developed.

Its history would suggest that fans can expect another many titles that use the PS5’s specs to load everything, but this has not been verified.