Square Enix maintained a shareholders’ assembly. We, all importantly, Learned the organization has plans to announce matches.

It is probably these statements that would have occurred in the now E3 2020. Square Enix said a Couple Weeks back How an event would not be held because resources and, for example, reveal are not ready yet due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Square Enix is focusing on projects that are announced. First, we have Luminous Productions, working on Project Asia (tentative title). Judging from the studio words sometimes back, it is likely its only continuing project or the only one in total production.

We currently possess several Dragon Quest matches declared; therefore, the statements this summer likely will not be more Dragon Quest. A suitable show of Dragon Quest XII may be potential, however.

The Exact Same may be said for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, as While I don’t think it will launch soon, the game was announced by Square Enix before launching.

Another possibility is a brand-new Subarashiki Kono Sekai match to tie-up with the brand new anime lately revealed. Still, Another opportunity is revivals, such as a brand new Star Ocean or even Valkyrie Profile. I do not think it one bit, though.

I feel like it is less likely than police officers from the US and France becoming judged. Last, we might be getting brand-new IPs coming, such as for PS5 and Xbox collection X. Square Enix nevertheless gave a couple of months ago it’s going concentrate on releasing cross-gen matches right now.