It is interesting since we are aware that a Suicide Squad match was in development in WB Games Montreal at a stage, but has been canceled.

It might be that Rocksteady took over the IP, or at that undertaking in the wake of cancellation. There’s also another Suicide Squad Programmer went out of making three of superhero names of all time and their very successful, to apparently vanishing.

We have yet to hear anything in nearly five years about these outside the rumor they worked on a production’ match of some type. Nonetheless, it appears if there is a rumor to be considered, that may be shifting.

WB Games will be on an occasion August 22nd known as FanDome where games and movies based on DC properties will be exhibited.

The film intended, and also the movie, despite being panned, was a box office success, therefore it is in the long run. And, only for 100% clarity, that is predicated on something Khan discovered some time back, as he states, so it is not outside the realm of chance this has changed, particularly as it is clear that the lot has changed with the DC-related games.

He was obvious that this was something that he heard a couple of decades before, so could not say for certain if this had changed or not, but hadn’t heard anything different, and did not have some details to provide.