No Straight Roads, the rhythm action game In gameplay terms, Bunk Bed Junction will fight back by the time their attacks From developers Metronomics, has obtained a new release date. The game was intended to be released on June 30th but has been delayed because of this Coronavirus pandemic. Releasing currently on August 25th, No Straight Roads will be available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Bunk Bed Junction is Seeking to make it large NSR, although in Vinyl City And its CEO Tatiana believes that rock music is obsolete. Unwilling to take rejection, the group plan to direct a musical revolution against the dominance of NSR, with their abilities in rhythm-based attacks.

Weapons. In between epic boss battle concerts, the pair will be free to The The game is set in Vinyl City, a futuristic metropolis commanded a huge EDM record label, by No Roads. Digital Dance Music is considered the genre in Vinyl City, and NSR works challenging to suppress all sorts of music. This is a problem for indie rock band Bunk Bed Junction, consisting of characters Mayday and Zuke.

To shooting notes such as bullets, the beat, and altering props into Research Vinyl City, building up their fanbase.