Hideo Kojima Was Speaking about working on the Idea of his Following game For a little while today. Though it will probably be some time until we hear something concrete about it, the guy himself retains finding time to visit Twitter and tease out the facts of the new job (or the simple fact he’s working on it).

Lately, he did once again, providing a glimpse of how he is cooperating with art director Yoji Shinkawa through the present lockdowns To work on the notion of their game.

Kojima explained through texts and emails, the both of them discuss different particulars of the match, such as the surroundings for every character, the backdrop, the planet, the color, the features, the feelings, the graphics, thoughts, and keywords.

In a different tweet, he spoke, Working on the notion of his game. Interestingly, the sketches appear to reveal what seems like a space ship. That may not mean anything, but it may mean everything, as is often true with Kojima. Have a look below.

Kojima Productions have said they plan on working on several new endeavors, among which is a”large” name, while Kojima himself has talked about what type of games that he wants to perform on- something which keeps coming up is a terror name.

Meanwhile, the actor Norman Reedus also stated that he and Kojima are in discussions to work on new items.