It was before its own time with realistic graphics, lifelike AI, along with a pantsuit full of super-powers that set it apart from the normal shooter. Sequels immediately followed the success of this very first game but with seven years passing since Crysis 3 lovers began to wonder whether Crysis 4 would be a fact. It ends up Crytek has been working on a brand new Crysis, but it’s going to be complete remaster of the original game for Nintendo Shift, PC, PS4, along with Xbox One.

The Crysis Remastered teaser trailer gave little away, The original 2007 Crysis The success of Dark Souls and also the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

With Crytek returning for their prodigy it is likely that the remaster could be paving the way for a Crysis 4 statement. Whether it will continue to melt hardware is yet to be determined.

The original Crysis game. Remasters of games are a trend at the moment after the game has never been made accessible for the newest consoles so it is There has been no official release date or price purpose announced for the game however more details may be revealed following the trailer premiere.

Since the announcement that Crytek’s famed first-person shot Crysis would be obtaining a remaster for the current creation, fans have been anticipating information about the new version.

Crysis Remastered was officially announced using a teaser trailer in April which gave little away, however, gameplay footage is defined to be shown later that week. Revealing a snapshot of the protagonist, Nomad, using coming soon’ label.

Considering this is a remaster and not a remake, no new footage should be anticipated from the trailer, but a look at the updated graphics 13 years from the first will hopefully compensate for it.