Through an Internal Revenue (IR) shareholders meeting today, Capcom verified that you would find no plans to port Dragon Hunter World into Nintendo Switch, despite its popularity.

But while answering that question, Capcom also confirmed that there are plans to make a new Dragon Hunter game in the works, one that middle-to-high school-aged kids will have the ability to enjoy. Franchise about Mainstay in the industry.

Earlier this season, No matter what Capcom has in store for the near future of this Monster Hunter, The exact scope of this possible new Dragon Hunter Revealed that Dragon Hunter World: Iceborne has sold at least 5 million units alone, leading to over 62 million sales throughout the whole series. Works, there is no doubt it will keep its existence as a Though Nintendo fans have missed out on the latest entry, Dragon Hunter World has obtained plenty of content updates since it first released.

The fourth major name update for the Iceborne Expansion was delayed due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic. However, Capcom recently confirmed that the free update would launch July 9, 2020, with more info about what that upgrade will consist of coming on July 3. Nintendo’s hardware has observed both types of articles.

The 3DS received a mainline title in Dragon Hunter Generations (Dragon Hunter X in Japan) and a turn-based RPG spin-off at Monster Hunter Stories.

In 2018, the Nintendo Switch received the updated Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (Monster Hunter XX in Japan); however, since then, the franchise was dormant because of Capcom’s focus on Dragon Hunter World.

Despite the ongoing pandemic’s wide-reaching effects on game development and other forms of entertainment websites, there are still Dragon Hunter-related articles on the road for many fans to enjoy.

The live-action Monster Hunter film, led by Paul W. S. Anderson and starring Milla Jovovich, is currently planned to launch on September 4. The game is vague, perhaps in part because of the question needing to be translated from Japanese.

Given the closeness of these replies, it seems fair to assume that placing a younger viewer is Capcom’s way of suggesting that the game will be on Switch, especially given the rest of the platforms have Dragon Hunter World with constant upgrades to play with. Mentioning a younger audience may be a way to indicate the title will be a spin-off rather than a formal entry.