Fix for “Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped” error

I love tweaking and modding my devices, but sometimes the device hits back and things end up getting a bit messy, like this error that started popping up after I played around with a few settings and system apps on my rooted LG Optimus G (E970) – “Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped“.

The error pops up randomly in most cases, but I have noticed it appears almost everytime an app is updated, installed or uninstalled from the device and it’s been driving me nuts until I finally decided to get rid of the error once and for all.

Here’s what DID NOT work FOR ME:

  1. Going to Settings >> Apps/Apps Manager >> All >>  Google Play services >> Clear data, Clear cache and Force stop.
  2. Going to Settings >>  Apps/Apps Manager >> All >> using the menu to Reset app preferences.

Here’s the fix that did work FOR ME (your device needs to be rooted btw):

  1. Using a file explorer with root capabilities (Solid Explorer in my case), navigate to the root of your device >> system >> app >> delete the GmsCore.apk file
  2. Now go back to the root of your device >> data >> app >> delete the file as well
  3. With those two files deleted apps like Hangouts will not work.  You can simply open Hangouts, a message will inform you that you need the Play Services app for it to work.  Tap on the link provided in the pop up message (it will take you to the Play Store) and install the now missing app from there
  4. Restart your device and all should be well with the Android universe again.

Play services error

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10 Responses to Fix for “Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped” error


    I’ve yet to have the G+ error you’re talking about but I have it with Google Search & Google Maps. It’s random when it happens but when it starts it doesn’t stop for a day or so. Now it’s spread to my contacts. I’m gonna try this on search and maps and will report my findings. Thanks for the info.

    • You do that and you’re welcome. Happy holidays.


    Hi JD,
    Big fan of the website. I am currently getting that annoying message:“Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped” Google Play isn’t working for me so I downloaded the solid explorer APK. I am unable to find that on my phone. What should I do?


    This works for me in many other apps…thanks a lot :))


    Thanks! This worked for me


    Hello, please i want t no if it could work on personalize Lollipop 5.0.2 which i do install on my LG E970 AT7&T.


    I get message unfortunetly google has stopped play store what to do to reactivate


    If I do as this says will I lose everything in apps and have to redo all my stuff or will it just fix the pop-up for Google play services to work properly

    • You will not lose everything, nor will you have to redo all your stuff.



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